mola-molaJust offshore from Candidasa is tiny Tepekong, a little outcrop that offers some spectacular diving. The coral wall is steep, the water is cold, and the current can be strong. Drifting through The Canyon offers on unforgettable underwater experience.

This picturesque bay is surrounded by majestic cliff and hills ideal for dives at 3 – 20 metres deep. The waters are strewn with a full growth of corals, and fishes which will surely guarantee an impressive underwater adventure.

Please note: Experienced divers only recommended as the currents can be unpredictable.

Reef Type Steep corals walls, underwater canyon
Access 30 – 40 minutes by small outboard
Visibility Variable, poor to very good, 6-20 metres
Current Can be extremely strong, + 5 knots.
Coral Excellent coverage and variety
Fish Literally teeming with fish
Highlights Sharks
Others Very trick currents, strong surge, sometimes cold.
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