SSI Speciality Course: Boat Diving

“Boat Diving is not just diving from a boat – it is your guarantee for a successful and relaxing first diving holiday!”

Most of the diving you will do while on vacation will take place from a dive boat.

In your Boat Diving Speciality Course you will learn the right boat diving techniques, how to choose the right travel agency and diving operator when planning your vacation, what to consider when travelling with your Total Diving System.

Taking a Boat Diving speciality course guarantees you will be ready for your next vacation.

bd_manualCourse Content:

  • Selecting Your Dive Boat
  • Preparing For Your Trip
  • Travelling On Your Boat
  • Diving From Your Boat
  • Finishing Your Boat Trip

The primary goal of any SSI Speciality course is to teach you important skills in a fun environment. All courses are taught using home study, short academic sessions, and in-water training.